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Wiz Khalifa Will Have A Son, Plans For Second Child & Explains Rap Name

Wiz Khalifa talks about his plans for a second child after learning he’ll have a boy and also takes time to explain where the name Wiz Khalifa came from.

With a baby boy on the way, Wiz Khalifa has some major plans. While he’s excited for his new son, he also spoke with Funkmaster Flex about the idea of having a second child. He also took some time to discuss the origin of his Rap name.

"It’s a boy," he shared during the interview.

The topic then transitioned into the idea of having a second child, which he seemed on board with.

"Yeah, he’s gotta have a buddy, right? Can’t be trying to take up all my time [laughing]." 

Khalifa also shared information about the origin of his Rap name, saying he got it from his grandfather. 

"My grandad is Muslim. So the Khalifa means successor, leader, shining light. At a young age, he kinda seen that in me. He gave me that name," Wiz explained. "The Wiz part comes from being wise beyond my years." 

Khalifa’s latest project, O.N.I.F.C., is out today, December 4. 

Wiz Khalifa Suspected In Hit And Run Accident

Wiz Khalifa reportedly hit a woman’s car and sped off.

Wiz Khalifa is suspected for causing a hit and run last week in Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, a woman filed a hit-and-run report after the Taylor Gang rapper reportedly crashed into her car and then sped off. The victim had been working on a music video shoot with Wiz and says that the accident happened around midnight when the set was being cleared.

Wiz was contacted but is yet to speak on the matter. HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

Wiz Khalifa "O.N.I.F.C." Tracklist & Release Date

UPDATE #2: Wiz Khalifa settles on a fourth quarter release for his oft-delayed sophomore album.

Wiz Khalifa has delayed his sophomore albumO.N.I.F.C. several times, up until he decided on a September 18th release date. But apparently, that date wasn’t as solid as thought.

According to a press release, the Taylor Gang leader’s second LP will not be arriving on September 18th.Billboard’s The Juice confirmed with a rep that the album is “coming soon.”

Khalifa recently announced his upcoming "2050 Tour," which sees the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper making his way around the country with his Taylor Gang crew including Juicy JChevy WoodsLola Monroe and more.

[September 5]

UPDATE: In an audio video for his new single “Remember You” featuring The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa confirms that his new album will release on December 4th.

[September 24]

UPDATE #2: Wiz Khalifa has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C., releasing on December 4th.

01. Intro
02. Paperbond
03. Bluffin’
04. Let It Go
05. The Bluff f. Cam’ron
06. Work Hard, Play Hard
07. Got Everything f. Courtney Noelle
08. Fall Asleep
09. Time
10. It’s Nothin f. 2 Chainz
11. Rise Above f. Pharrell
12. Initiation
13. Up In It
14. No Limit
15. The Plan feat. Juicy J
16. Remember You f. The Weeknd
17. Medicated

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Confirm Pregnancy At MTV's VMAs

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are expecting an addition to their family as the couple announced at the MTV VMAs.

When Jay-Z and Beyonce announced that they were expecting, it was done at the MTV VMAs. This year, a different couple had a similar announcement. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa confirmed that they are expecting at this year’s event, making sure to note their joy. 

"Well, Sway, you know you my brother man, so we had to do it with you first and we had to do it with the whole world, and just let everybody know that we’re expecting a beautiful young baby," Wiz said to MTV’s Sway Calloway

He then began dancing in celebration briefly after yelling, “We’re having a baby!” 

In the interview, Wiz also notes that he hopes his potential son becomes an emcee. A video of the announcement is below via MTV

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Wiz Khalifa Says He Gets His Swag From His Dad, Speaks On Snoop Lion's New Name

During an interview with Chelsea Handler, Wiz Khalifa spoke on fans accepting Snoop Lion’s new name and being encouraged by his father.

It’s been close to two weeks since the rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg revealed that his new stage name is Snoop Lion and the drastic change likely has yet to settle in for most fans, but according to Wiz Khalifa it’s only a matter of time before it does.

The rapper spoke on Snoop’s new name as well as several others topics during his interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately.

“I think like everybody is just gonna come to grips with it man,” Wiz explained. “Snoop just takes everybody on a journey with him and he’s just got the gift of inspiring so many minds to just want to dig into whatever he’s into at that time you know what I mean? So it might be new for people, but they’ll get used to it. He’s The Lion.”

While the Pittsburgh emcee hasn’t mentioned his father in too many interviews, he did take time to express his appreciation for his dad who he says he gets his swagger from during his sit-down with Handler.

“I love my dad yo. That’s my man,” said the rapper in a video posted on Soul Culture. “He’s a little bit darker than me so when people see him they don’t really know he’s my dad and then they see him start moving and then they be like, ‘Oh, that’s where Wiz gets his swag from.’ He’s an OG man…I actually grew up moving back and forth between my mom and my dad. And my dad was the first one who really opened a studio for me and let me do my music thing.”

Wiz Khalifa’s latest project, O.N.I.F.C., will be released on August 28 via Atlantic Records.

Wiz Khalifa Given Citation For Marijuana Possession

Wiz Khalifa was busted for weed at a Holiday Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.

Wiz Khalifa was given a marijuana citation at his hotel room in the Holiday Inn in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to TMZ, a fellow guest at the hotel complained about the smell of marijuana, resulting in a call to police. Upon their arrival, Wiz tossed a small bag of pot in hopes of concealing it from the cops, who retrieved the item.

Wiz was given a citation for the incident, though no arrests were made.

In November 2010, he was arrested for trafficking marijuana following a performance at East Carolina University. A year later, the charges were dropped against Wiz because police were in error at the time of arrest.

Big Sean Confirms Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa & No I.D. For His Sophomore Album

  Big Sean says that his second studio LP will take his sound to “another level.” Big Sean is currently at work on his sophomore album, the follow up to last year’s Finally Famous: The Album. For the project, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper says that he has already gotten production from Kanye WestKeY Wane and No I.D., and that Wiz Khalifa and ‘Ye drop verses on the LP. “Yeah, there’s going to be some Kanye production. We had a couple of Kanye productions for the first one but they didn’t make the cut. One got sample clearance, couldn’t get the sample cleared in time, and the other one we just didn’t think it fit the album. Yeah, we got a lot of stuff on deck,” he told Bootleg Kev. The Detroit, Michigan native also spoke on a concept song he has with No I.D. Though he wouldn’t get into the specifics of the record, he promised that it’s an inspirational cut that will “change the world.” “No I.D., we’ve got a song that’s going to change the world. It’s very inspiring,” he revealed. “The inspiration, when you’re inspired, when you get inspired, that’s the best thing to do, through your music. I could tell you it’s an inspirational record that’s going to change the world. One verse, I rap from a perspective and the other, I rap from a crazy perspective. It’s a concept record, it’s crazy.” Compared to his debut, Sean says that fans will be able to appreciate his growth. He considers himself a much better rapper now, and plans to take his music to “another level.” “I think it did the right thing. Now, I can take it to another level with the artistry, and that’s what I’m really excited about, to be able to grow from there and go hard. I feel my new music is more reminiscent of my earlier work, only way better because I’m a way better rapper now. So I think that’s the best way to do it, to really take me back to what got me to where I am and just take it to another level.”

Wiz Khalifa Denies Stealing

UPDATE: Wiz Khalifa was hit with a lawsuit claiming that he stole his multiplatinum single from another Pennsylvania artist. Wiz Khalifa’s still riding off the high of his smash single “Black and Yellow” reaching triple platinum status, but that high may soon come crashing down. News broke today that Wiz has been served with a lawsuit claiming that he stole the concept behind his hit single from another Pennsylvania artist.  According to AllHipHop, songwriter Max Gregory Warren of Sharon, PA filed a suit against the Pittsburgh rapper for allegedly stealing the concept for “Black and Yellow” from his copyrighted ‘07 track “Pink N Yellow.” Warren contends that Khalifa and company “engaged in a scheme to defraud [the] plaintiff out of the fruits of his copyright of the Subject song.”  The lawsuit also names “Black and Yellow” producers Stargate, Wiz’s label Rostrum Records, Wiz’s publishing company PGH Sound, EMI Music Publishing, Warner Music Group and Atlantic Recording Corporation. The plaintiff is seeking $2,375,000 in damages for a litany of charges, including deceit, copyright infringement, civil conspiracy and unjust enrichment.  A full copy of the lawsuit can be found over at AllHipHop. DX will keep you updated on the case as more information comes to light. [January 4] UPDATE: Sources close to Wiz Khalifa claim that he did not steal the concept for “Black and Yellow” from songwriter Max Gregory Warren. According to TMZ, a source said, “Wiz has never heard of this guy … it’s just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money. This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid.” HipHopDX will keep you updated.

Big Sean Talks Next Album, Wiz Khalifa And Curren$y Mixtape

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper says his next LP is due in 2012 and talks about his work with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y.

Joey Franchize of Hot 93.7 sat down with Big Sean while the G.O.O.D. Music emcee was touring the states for his debut release Finally Famous: The Album. During the interview, Sean addressed what projects he’s got on his plate after he completes his tour. Sean says that while his tour schedule has kept him from doing any extensive recording, he’ll hopefully have his sophomore LP out by early next year.

"It’s been a challenge trying to find time while we’ve been on this road every fuckin’ day, working me like a slave," he said. "It’s kinda been like I ain’t got no time to make the shit I wanna make. I’ve always gotta do this, do that, travel, and then I get sick. Shit’s horrible. But you know, we getting it done, though. I’m almost done with it. [My next project] will be a handout for the people for free, ‘cus that’s where I came from, and then, [the label] wants to put the album out early next year."

The Detroit rhymer also spoke about his long-rumored mixtape with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y. Although Sean was vague with the details, he explained that the three emcees have many more songs in the stash and that they’re trying to find the best avenue to get them out to the public. 

"We did a lot of songs," he said. "Me and Wiz did a lot more songs than those five, and me and Curren$y, we all got a lot songs together, but there ain’t no telling [what will happen with them]. I don’t want to spoil nothing…it’s just like it’s really what we feel like. At that time [when we recorded them], we were on a bus and we had a studio bus, so we were like, ‘Man, we’re in this situation - what kind of niggas would we be [being] the forefront of this new generation of Hip Hop and not put out free shit and fresh shit like we with a lot of mothafuckas did when we were kids?’"

The full interview can be seen below.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Snoop Dogg's Influence, Love For Amber Rose The Taylor Gang leader speaks on how Snoop Dogg has embraced him and welcomes comparisons.

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg are slated to hold it down on the big screen in High School, the soundtrack to which they’re recording together. Speaking with CNN’s Marquee Blog, the “Roll Up” image rapper explained that comparisons to Tha Doggfather are encouraged since he has given his stamp of approval.

“Just because of the vibe. Snoop is the boss dog, you know what I’m saying, and I’m a young boss so they see where I’m going with it. And even Snoop fully embraces me and gives me more [ammunition] for them to call me “young Snoop.” It’s a blessing, it’s a great thing, because I’ve always been a fan and everything that he brings is positive,” he said. “He always just tells me to keep focused, to stay working when everybody’s not working. When people feel like they don’t have to work that’s when you’re supposed to be on your job. And always give back.”

He’s also made his love for Amber Rose public over the past few months, explaining that they have a support system for one another.

“It’s awesome to have that support and to have that base. It gives me structure, it gives me discipline and it helps me work on other stuff that’s much more important,” he continued. “I feel like everybody has some person that’s out there for them. If you tap into that and take advantage of it and hold it close and treat it like what it is, that’s when you’ll get – fully – out of it what you’re supposed to.”

Read the full interview at