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Chief Keef's Stepbrother Fatally Shot In Back Of Head

The 19-year-old Ulysses “Chris” Gissendanner III was killed on January 2nd.

Chief Keef’s 19-year-old stepbrother Ulysses “Chris” Gissendanner III has become yet another victim of Chicago, Illinois’ shooting epidemic.

According to DNA Info (via SOHH), Gissendanner was shot in the back of the head on the Far South Side on January 2nd. The aspiring rapper was killed in a car near 124th Street and South Ave. while visiting his uncle in West Pullman. He later died at Roseland Hospital.

Alfonso Cozart, who claims to be Keef’s biological father, was stepfather to Gissendanner, whose rap name was YPN Boomtown. Keef was related to Gissendanner through marriage.

Cozart, who no longer speaks with Chief Keef, said that Gissendanner’s murder makes him worry about Keef’s well being. “As a caring father, who wouldn’t worry about that?” Cozart asked. “I do want my son to have success and have a long, positive life, and I hope the best for him.”

He added that he doesn’t want Keef’s fame to overshadow Gissendanner’s passing. “He just graduated high school, and was in college and had a job. He was a positive person,” Cozart said. “I’m not trying to get publicity of Chief Keef being my son. I want you to focus on Ulysses. He’s the one that’s gone.”

This marks yet another recent death for Chicago teens due to gunfire. Keef’s alleged enemy Lil JoJolost his life at 16, while Joshua was murdered at 18 years old, both late last year.

Thirteen Shot Outside Of Nipsey Hussle Concert, Rapper Releases Statement

At least two are in serious condition after shots rang out at a Nipsey Hussle concert in Arizona.

Thirteen people were shot in the parking lot of Tempe, Arizona’s Clubhouse Music Venue on Friday (March 2).

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was scheduled to appear at the club. Shortly before he was scheduled to take the stage, local television news reported that gunfire erupted outside of the club.

“People stampeded over security. Not what I expected to be doing on a Friday night — dodging bullets,” 


“People stampeded over security. Not what I expected to be doing on a Friday night — dodging bullets,” said Paul Butler, a witness to the shooting, according

Authorities say that there were no fatalities as of Saturday (March 3) morning, at least two people are in serious condition.

One suspect has been arrested, but two more have yet to be apprehended.

“People have reported that after the shooting, two black males wearing dark colored clothing fled the scene on foot,” stated Tempe Police spokesman Sergeant Steve Carbajal. “Those individuals have not been located at this time.”

Hussle released a statement regarding the incident via his tumblr page:

"My deepest thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims and their families who were affected by the tragic event that took place last night in Arizona, and I pray for the speedy recovery for anyone involved.

Contrary to current media reports, it’s important note that these shootings did NOT happen inside a venue, concert, or show in which I was booked to perform, and at the time of the incident, I was in my hotel room.

I grew up on the streets of south central Los Angeles and have witnessed many tragedies in my lifetime.  I never glorify any situation like this and think it is disgusting.  Any fan of my music knows that I strongly oppose gun violence, and that I represent nothing but peace and progress through hard work… that anyone can overcome adversity no matter what your social status in life, which is clearly addressed on my latest release, “The Marathon Continues.”

Many people will wrongfully attribute this incident to the hip-hop culture, which is purely and simply false. The alleged shooters were not ticket holders for my performance. Regardless, this incident is a tragic reminder of the circumstances that face our community every day, and my heart and prayers go out to the victims of this, and all the other senseless acts of violence occurring every day in our communities.

- Nipsey”

More on this story as it develops.