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Wiz Khalifa Says He Gets His Swag From His Dad, Speaks On Snoop Lion's New Name

During an interview with Chelsea Handler, Wiz Khalifa spoke on fans accepting Snoop Lion’s new name and being encouraged by his father.

It’s been close to two weeks since the rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg revealed that his new stage name is Snoop Lion and the drastic change likely has yet to settle in for most fans, but according to Wiz Khalifa it’s only a matter of time before it does.

The rapper spoke on Snoop’s new name as well as several others topics during his interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately.

“I think like everybody is just gonna come to grips with it man,” Wiz explained. “Snoop just takes everybody on a journey with him and he’s just got the gift of inspiring so many minds to just want to dig into whatever he’s into at that time you know what I mean? So it might be new for people, but they’ll get used to it. He’s The Lion.”

While the Pittsburgh emcee hasn’t mentioned his father in too many interviews, he did take time to express his appreciation for his dad who he says he gets his swagger from during his sit-down with Handler.

“I love my dad yo. That’s my man,” said the rapper in a video posted on Soul Culture. “He’s a little bit darker than me so when people see him they don’t really know he’s my dad and then they see him start moving and then they be like, ‘Oh, that’s where Wiz gets his swag from.’ He’s an OG man…I actually grew up moving back and forth between my mom and my dad. And my dad was the first one who really opened a studio for me and let me do my music thing.”

Wiz Khalifa’s latest project, O.N.I.F.C., will be released on August 28 via Atlantic Records.

Young Buck To Serve 18 Months In Prison For Gun Possession

Young Buck will be formally sentenced on July 13th.

Young Buck is scheduled to head to prison in two months.

During a vlog, the former G-Unit rapper said that he’s heading back to the clink to serve a bid for an unspecified amount of time. He didn’t explain the reason for his pending incarceration.

“I got to go to the penitentiary for two months. Fuck with me for real, hold me down,” he said. “And when I get out of the penitentiary, all you rap niggas better get the fuck out the way. I ain’t even gonna say no names, but it’s a good thing I’m about to go to the penitentiary.”

Earlier last year, the rapper was facing a 10-year bid after being indicted on gun charges. He later filed for bankruptcy and faced liquidation of his assets, including his name.

Watch the clip below (via HHNM).

[May 19]

UPDATE: Young Buck will serve 18 months behind bars for gun possession, stemming from an I.R.S. raid on his home in 2010. He agreed to plead guilty to possessing firearms and ammunition as a convicted felon. A judge has signed off on the plea deal, but will not formally sentence him until July 13th.

Judge Rules Lyrics Can Be Used In Lil Boosie Murder Trial

A judge has ruled that lyrics from one of Lil Boosie’s songs can be used as evidence against him in his murder trial.

It looks like Lil Boosie’s ongoing trial for first-degree murder trial is going to get worse before it gets any better. A judge has ruled that specific lyrics from one of the Baton Rouge rapper’s songs are admissible as evidence in his trial.

According to a recent report from NBC 33 TV, Judge Mike Erwin ruled during a pre-trial hearing this past Tuesday that three specific lyrics from one of Boosie’s songs can be used by the prosecution to show personal intent in the murder case. Interrogating officer of the Baton Rouge police Alvin Howard says that the specific lines “187,” “murk,” and “cake” are references to Boosie allegedly hiring a hitman to murder Terry Boyd in 2009. 

The ruling has not come without some resistance from the defense. Boosie’s lawyers argue that not only is Officer Howard not an expert witness in rap slang, but that the prosecution may have altered the lyrics of the track in question and thus should not play the song in court. Judge Erwin sustained both of the defense’s objections, but allowed the specific lyrics in question to be entered into evidence.

The name of the song in question has yet to be revealed to the general public. If found guilty, Lil Boosie faces a life sentence in prison.

Petey Pablo Sentenced To 35 Months In Prison For Firearm Charge UPDATE: The “Raise Up” rapper was sentenced for an incident from last year where he attempted to get a stolen firearm through airport security.

North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo may soon face up to 10 years in prison now that he has pleaded guilty to a weapons possession charge stemming from an incident last year.

According to the Associated Press, Petey Pablo appeared in court on Wednesday, March 16 to enter into a plea agreement with prosecutors. While the rapper plead guilty to possession of a stolen firearm two other charges were dropped by prosecutors.

Petey Pablo is scheduled to appear in court in June to face sentencing for the charge.

On September 11, 2010 Petey Pablo was arrested in the Raleigh Durham Airport after airport security found a pistol in his carry-on luggage. The rapper was headed to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards upon being arrested.

Petey Pablo currently works under his own label titled Carolina Music Group. His last studio album, Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry, was released in 2004. It is unclear if or when a third studio album will be released from the rapper. 

[March 7]

UPDATE: Petey Pablo has been sentenced to almost three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to possessing a stolen firearm.

According to The Sacremento Bee, the rapper, whose real name is Moses Barrett, will spend 35 months behind bars following a hearing in the U.S. District Court in New Bern, North Carolina earlier today. 

He was arrested last year after attempting to smuggle a firearm past security at Raleigh-Durham International Airport for a flight to Los Angeles, California. The gun had been stolen back in 2005.

Last week, HipHopDX spoke with Pablo about his impending prison sentence. “I mean, I always feel confident. In the end, the truth always comes to the light,” he said. “And, regardless of what the outcome is, I’m a man. And whatever has been written in my book of life is written in my book of life. So whatever the outcome of any situation is, I have no choice but to handle it.”