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YG Discusses Recording Def Jam Debut

YG reveals the big names he’s enlisted for his upcoming album.

As YG prepares his upcoming Def Jam debut, the Compton native seeks to make a big splash with the features on his project.

“I’m not even trippin’ over who everyone is working with—the sound is what I’m focused on,” said YG in an interview with “I just collaborated with Polowon a track, which is big. I’m hoping to work with Dr. Dre, and of course, Snoop.”

Currently, YG is touring with Tyga, who will appear on the rapper’s single “Snitches Ain’t…,” which also features Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle.

“I don’t wanna be the bad guy, but the bad guy,” he added. “Not on that devil-type shit, but the type that’s on a mission and doin’ whatever I gotta do to get that, like Scarface.”

Andre 3000 Explains How He Picks Collaborations

Andre 3000 reveals what it takes for him to dole out an elusive guest verse for another artist.

Since Outkast released Idlewild in 2006, Andre 3000’s output has been noticeably rare, with only a few guest verses dropping here and there. Speaking with The FADER, Three Stacks explained what it takes for him to hop on a track with another artist and how it all comes down to the music when he’s deciding where to toss a 16.

"Most of the time it has to be the music. The music has to kinda move me in some kind of way. Sometimes it’s emotionally, sometimes it’s just being there supporting another person," he explained. "Even the Chris Brown remix [for "Deuces"] — of course I love the beat, but at that time a lot of people were on Chris Brown as a human being. And I know he’d gone through his troubles or whatever and I just was like—I just wanted to stand by him and be like, Hey, you know, you can’t really charge a man forever and condemn a man forever. So it’s really just like a support thing. I thought it was a cool thing to do.”

Echoing earlier statements that he’s hoping to release his solo album in 2012, Andre emphasized how now is the time to get the wheels turning on the oft-delayed LP. The ATLien notes that he has to put out his ideas because if he doesn’t, then someone else will execute the same concepts.

"I’m actually putting myself on deadlines more than ever. I don’t have someone policing that. Even in Outkast there were no police. But now it’s just time. I’m at a place now where my deadline is my own self. I’m looking at it like, Okay, I don’t want to be like 40 years old and to haven’t done this album. And I don’t have a sense of time. When people say, Man, we haven’t heard from you in like five years, or seen you, to me, it feels like a year. I don’t have a good sense of time, but I do know I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I have to get my ideas out before I just let them go away. That’s how ideas work. All the songs are written, we all just get them as gifts. And if you don’t act upon your ideas they’ll go to somebody else. I’ve seen so many ideas that I just sat on that other people have done years later, and I’m like, Wow, I could have done that. I just didn’t do it."

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Big Sean Announces New Mixtape

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper also gives an update on his label’s compilation LP and his sophomore album.

Following the success of his debut album Finally Famous, Big Sean is taking his talents back to the mixtape format. During an interview with Canal Street (Perajok via HHNM), the G.O.O.D. Music rapper revealed that he will release his new mixtape FFOE (Finally Famous Over Everything) in honor of his fans.

"Next move musically? I’ma release a new mixtape for the streets, because that’s where I came from. A lot of people, after they reach a certain level of success, they kind of stop doing mixtapes. To me, that’s what got me to where I’m at," he explained. "I’ma put one out, especially for all my believers, all the people who been riding with me since before the album. And I’ma call it FFOE, which stands for Finally Famous Over Everything.”

Revealing that a video for “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” is on the way, the Detroit, Michigan native updated on the progress of the G.O.O.D. Music compilation and said that his sophomore album will drop shortly after its spring release.

"Then, G.O.O.D. Music album is coming out early next year, so that’s something you guys should be really excited about. We’ve already got a lot of tracks done for it," he said. "And then my next album comes out right after that. It’s going to be good. We’re making that shit banging."

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Lil Wayne Says

Weezy instead refocuses the spotlight on impending Young Money/Cash Money releases.

Earlier this month, Mack Maine revealed that Lil Waynewas hard at work on I Am Not a Human Being 2 and would soon begin recording Rebirth 2. But during a recent interview with Weezy on the set of Birdman’s "Y.U. Mad" image video, the rapper told MTV News that the releases were “unimportant” and instead plugged upcoming LPs from DrakeNicki MinajBirdman and more.

"Drake’s album Take Care is coming November 15th, I think. Nicki is about to be working on her next album. What’s the name of it? She said she’s still figuring out a name, so we still figuring it out. Stunna coming. I Am Not a Human Being 2 and Rebirth 2 are so not important right now. And that is what it is,” he said. “We got Twist coming, we got Tyga coming and then we have Shanell coming. Bow Wow coming… That’s what’s really important right now. What I’m doing is really never important, actually. I’m a very unimportant guy. That’s just me.”

Contrary to his dismissal, Mack said that Wayne has amassed a dozen tracks for I Am Not a Human Being 2 and will soon begin recording the sequel to last year’s Rebirth. “He gets to show his rock side, he gets to show his gangsta side and talk to the women on one side,” he said. “On I Am Not a Human Being, he is definitely showing some weirdo, left-brain, I’m-not-from-here type side. He can say what he wants. There are no boundaries, there are no limits.”

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Wale Talks Recording And Reconciling With Kid Cudi Wale talks his new song with Cudder, and what his relationship with the Ohio artist is.

Earlier in the year, much was made of Wale and Kid Cudi squashing their short-lived beef. Now, the two have a record titled “Focused” on Wale’s upcoming album,Ambition.

“This was one of the first songs recorded for the album,” explained the Washington, D.C. native in an interview withComplex. “The song stands for something. The album’s called Ambition, and it stands for the younger guys wanting more, working harder, and getting through things.

“A lot of rappers before us let their grudges with each other ruin their [relationships when they were coming up] together. I ain’t got to name drop, but a lot of rappers weren’t cool with each other until they were—not to say past their prime—but their young energy wasn’t there. Some guys, we never ever heard together—for whatever reasons.

“It’s like the exclamation point after the word ambition. It’s the exclamation point to this feeling or this stage in my career. Cudi came back from inner demons,” added Wale, alluding to rumors of drug use surrounding Cudi. “I came back from not knowing what was gonna happen with [my career]. We made it, we healthy, we got our fans, and this one’s for you motherfuckers.”

Wale also discussed, more broadly, reconciling with Cudi. “You got to understand where [me and Cudi’s] relationship is: That’s the homie right there. He know that it ain’t nothing for me. Like I just did a song with Chip Tha Ripper with no questions asked—no money or calling managers. It was just understood. I could be doing no features. I could be working on my stuff, but he know he always got one with me. There’s a couple of niggas that always got one with me, no matter where they are in their career.”

DJ Khaled Justifies His Use Of The N-Word

Khaled explains why he uses the word and says it’s more of a term of endearment.

DJ Khaled recently spoke with Invasion Radio’s DJ Green Lantern (via NR) about his usage of the N-word, which he employs in his songs. The Palestian DJ explained that he grew up using the word and doesn’t see how he isn’t entitled to use the racial epithet.

“I’m a nigga. If somebody ever took that in an arrogant… If someone thinks it in another way, they dumb,” he said. “I grew up like that. It’s slang. It’s actually a positive word the way that I use it, the way that Ace [Hood] is using it. If you think like that, that goes back to the Internet, the hate.”

He justified his use of the word in songs and everyday conversation, drawing a line between variations on the term but explaining how it could be used as a term of endearment.

“For me to say ‘We the best, oo wee nigga, we the best!’ You know what I’m talking about. Niggas that’s thinking that is dumb fucks. Once again, I’d like to shout out the fans who love this music. What makes me mad, when I grew up, niggas was calling me sand nigga. That’s ignorant, because there’s only one way to say it. You can’t say, ‘Yo what up my sand nigga?’ That’s not the way we grew up in the streets,” he continued. “When I say ‘What up my nigga,’ I say that to Green all the time. ‘What up my nig?’ That’s just me greeting you with love. But if somebody takes it another way, they dumb. That’s like dumb. That’s dumb. Like, they dumb.”

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Rick Ross Threatens Kreayshawn, Calls Her A

Ricky Rozay has some harsh words for the “Gucci Gucci” rapstress.

Rick Ross has finally responded to Kreayshawn, who threw shots at him over the past few weeks in freestyles and on UStream. In the upcoming October issue of XXL Magazine (via Karen Civil), he dishes some harsh words, threatening to physically abuse her team and calling her a “dirty bitch.”

“I cant wait to slap the shit out of whoever carries her bags,” he says. “And I hope it’s her nigga. Dirty bitch. You better know the fuck you talking about. I’ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

Tensions mounted at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where the rappers’ respective crews confronted each other on camera.


Big Sean Talks Greatest Musical Achievement,  Repping Detroit

Big Sean explains to Tim Westwood what it his biggest success in music has been thus far, and why he reps the Dirty D harder than ever.

BBC 1’s Tim Westwood recently caught up with G.O.O.D. Music’s latest smash success Big Sean while performing in the UK. While taking a listener’s question, Sean explained that his greatest musical achievement so far was to return to his native Detroit to receive the key to the city. He said that seeing his grandmother and mother’s faces at the ceremony was gratification enough for his years of struggle in the music industry.

"When I got the key to the city when I got back to Detroit, [that was best moment in my career]," he explained. "When I s[aw] the expression on my grandma’s face…she wanted me to go to school and I didn’t go, and to just see her so happy and proud, and to see my mom so proud and be able to support them, that was the best."

Sean also talked about respecting his Hip Hop elders, particularly Tupac Shakur, from whom he adopted the Rolex pinky ring style. He said that he strives to be the same kind of inspiration to newer generations as ‘Pac was to his, and that you’ll never hear him complain about any aspect of his career thus far as a result.

"You’ve got to do that [revere older artists like Tupac]. You’ve got to be legendary," he said. "I wanna be what [Tupac] was to me to this new generation. And to what Kanye [West] was. My whole story, it’s just all inspiring. I just want people to do what they love to do [and] follow their dreams, ‘cus when you’re old as Hell looking back on life, you don’t want to wish you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done anything. It’s tight that I could be a vessel for my city, as a Detroit player and just carry [on] that legacy. I’m just excited to be here. I’ll be as exhausted as I’ve ever been, but you’ll never here me complain. I’ll tell you I’m tired, but I’ll never be like, ‘I don’t wanna do this’…I’ll always do what I can do until I can’t do it, flat out."

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